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Setelah mengucapkan salam / menyapa / menyambut hadirin, kita perlu mengucapkan terima-kasih atau mengungkapkan perasaan kita pada saat itu.

Beberapa Contoh mengucapkan salam/menyapa/menyambut audience/hadirin.

“Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, thank you for the time given to me.”
“Good evening, everyone, I can’t tell you how nervous but happy I am, to stand in front of you right now”.
“Good Afternoon, ladies and gentlement. It’s a great honor for me to be  around you here today and I really appreciate this so much. 
“Hello, everyone, Thanks for coming along here today”.
“Hi guys,  I’d like to say thank you for inviting me. It’s really nice to be here”

Opening Expressions adalah ungkapan- ungkapan yang diucapkan/digunakan sebagai pembuka atau basa-basi/pengantar sebelum kita melakukan perkenalan. 

Beberapa Contoh opening expressions dalam self introduction 
“First, Let me introduce my self ”
“Now,  Allow me to introduce my self”
“OK, I’d like to introduce my self”

Beberapa Contoh opening expressions dalam introducing someone
“Everyone, Now it’s time to ask our new classmate to introduce himself, come on Mike, stand up and say something to us! “
“OK, guys I’d like to introduce you to Rebecca, she’s going to join  our team to prepare the launching of our product next month. “
“Well, Everyone, We’ve got new member here,  big applause to Mr andrian, He’s a regional representative  for ABC company”

“Now, ladies and Gentlemen, without anymore say and do, please welcome Our new manager, Mr. Haryanto Santoso”.

langkah selanjutnya adalah mengungkapkan siapa diri anda, dari mana anda berasal, jika anda sedang mewakili perusahaan/instansi tertentu maka nama instansi/perusahaan itulah asal anda bukan kota dimana anda berasal,  selanjutnya sebutkan profesi/pekerjaan/posisi/jabatan anda, dan berikan sedikit penjelasan/gambaran mengenai pekerjaan anda.

Umur dan hobi tidak disarankan dibicarakan ketika melakukan perkenalan dalam  situasi pertemuan bisnis, namun akan lebih baik jika di ungkapkan pada acara-acara pertemuan non formal seperti arisan, undangan makan malam, dsb, atau pada situasi percakapan.

Contoh mengungkapkan siapa diri anda.

My name is . . . / I’m . . . (nama anda),  
I’m from . . . (daerah asal /nama kantor/perusahaan anda),  
I’m a. . . . (jabatan/Pekerjaan/profesi anda),
I’m responsible for/I handle  . . . (sedikit penjelasan tentang pekerjaan anda) 

Apabila anda seorang mahasiswa : 
I’m taking /I’m majoring. . . (jurusan anda)

Yang perlu diingat : 

Apabila jabatan anda hanya ada satu di kantor/perusahaan anda (kepala sekolah, direktur, dst), maka pergunakanlah kata sandang “The”  bukan “a/an”.
Pada saat menjelaskan job description (gambaran tentang pekerjaan), jika menggunakan “I’m reponsible for” maka diikuti dengan V ing, jika memakai                 “I handle” maka diikuti kata benda (Object).

Beberapa Contoh ungkapan penutup 
o “OK guys, I think it’s enough, thanks”
o Well, everyone, I think that’s all I want to say for now, and don’t forget to come by  my store, just come by, I’ll give you special prize. nice to see you and Thank you.
o Ladies and gentlemen I’m afraid I’ve come to the end of my speech, for the unpleasant words I’d like to say sorry, and thank you very much for your attention.

Setelah mengetahui langkah-langkah dan Ungkapan standarnya, berikut adalah contoh selengkapnya (penggabungan 4 langkah) dari self introduction speech (pidato perkenalan diri)

Beberapa Contoh pidato perkenalan 

Situation : Andini and Hari are attending a social gathering as a new member, the moderator asks  them to do introduction in front of everyone in the room. (semi-formal)

SAMPLE 1 : (Andini)

“Good afternoon everyone, it’s really nice to be around you here today. I’m sure I will get many new things here.
OK, let me introduce my self, My name is Andini Firstyani, just call me Dini, I’m 20 years old, I’m from Pekalongan, 
I’m a nurse for the local hospital and I’ve been there for almost 2 years 
I’m responsible for taking care of the ICU patients. It’s really challanging kind of job actually because sometimes I have to spend all night long at the hospital but I really enjoy it anyway. 
I like playing tennis on weekends. sometimes I play tennis with my friends at the tennis court near the hospital. 
Well, everyone, I think that’s all I want to say for now, thank you”.  

SAMPLE 2 : (Hari)
“Good evening, guys! Well actually, I can’t tell you how nervous but happy         I am, to stand in front of you right now. 
But OK, I’d like to introduce myself, My name is Hari Budi Utomo, you can call me U’ut, I’m from Pekalongan, 
I’m a student of California University, I’m taking Economics. 
I also do the freelance job as a marketting for one of the textile companies here in the city.  well, to tell the truth, sometimes it’s hard for me to manage time to catch both of them but so far so good. well, I think this is the end of my introduction, nice to see you, thanks for making me join this organisation.”
Terkadang pada situasi tertentu, kita pada posisi yang memperkenalkan orang lain, misalnya memperkenalkan pembicara atau seseorang yang akan melakukan presentasi, memperkenalkan anggota baru diorganisasi kita, memperkenalkan tamu pada acara penyambutan, atau situasi  lainnya, yang tentunya orang tersebut belum dikenal oleh semua hadirin. 

Berikut adalah contoh memperkenalkan orang lain pada situasi pidato formal.

“ Good afternoon, ladies and gentlement! 
As you know, My name is Imam Suhada, I’m the CEO of this company. 
Today is really special because  we have Mr. Alex Griffith, our partner from Australia,  and On behalf of this company I’d like to say welcome to Mr. Griffith. I hope your visit will bring about many improvements to our business relationship in the future.  
By the way, This is Mr. Saputra, our PR Manager, he’s going to give you         a presentation about our newest products as well as accompany you later for a little tour to our production department,  and if you have questions,  please feel free to ask him. Now, without anymore say and do, please welcome : Mr. Saputra.”

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